Ontologies and Complex Command and Control Decision-Making Behavior Modeling

Leo Obrst, Eric Peterson, and John Tyler

This brief position paper discusses some of the workshop’s goals and related questions from a perspective founded on projects MITRE has been leading. These projects enable ontology-based decision-making behavior for US Department of Defense systems and simulations, ranging from the individual combatant level to higher echelon command and control (C2). Our projects have used both ISI/USC’s Loom description logic system and Cycorps’ CYC knowledge system, the standard knowledge representation languages of Ontolingua, Knowledge Interface Format (KIF), and Open Knowledge Base Connectivity (OKBC), and a variant of the agent communication language KQML. Our current project is closely aligned with the goals and some of the participants of the DARPA High Performance Knowledge Base (HPKB) program, and both addresses aspects of and uses ontologies developed for, the course action (COA) challenge problem. In addition, we are extending these existing ontologies and developing others that are appropriate to collaborative multi-agent command and control decision-making at the battalion and regiment levels.

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