Fusion of information from Keratoscopic and Scheimpflug Images

F. Silva, H. Araujo, E. Leite, J. Cunha-Vaz

Topographic analysis systems used to analyze the cornea profile have some limitations due to the aspheric nature of the cornea. In many cases the cornea is modeled by a spherocylindrical surface. However the normal cornea is aspheric and flattened from the center to the periphery. Moreover diseased and postsurgical corneas rarely approximate a spherocylindrical surface. Topographic analysis systems based on Keratoscopic images provide quantitative information by comparing the mire diameters from corneas to those reflected from standard reference spheres and by measuring hemichord lengths. In this paper we describe an approach we have developed to improve the topographic reconstruction of the cornea by combining Keratoscopic and Scheimpflug images.

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