KAoS: A Knowledge Agent-Oriented System

Nicholas J. George, Robert J. Jasper, Monica Rosman LaFever, Katrina M. Morrison, Daniel B. Rosenthal, Stephen R. Tockey, and John D. Wooley

In this paper, we discuss an effort to develop and evaluate a generic agent framework. A major goal of this work was to separate genetic agent characteristics from domainspecific characteristics. To test out our ideas, we implemented a demonstration prototype called KAoS (Knowledgeable Agent-oriented System) in SmaUtalk-80 on the Macintosh, extending the Smalltalk primitives in C. We developed the original system to support local and distributed interapplication facilities using Apple Events, Program-to-Program Communication (PPC), Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), and TCP/IP protocols. We are currently extending the architecture with: a more robust object interoperability foundation (Common Object Request Broker Architecture or CORBA), agent authoring and run-time interfaces, and learning and adaptive mechanisms.

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