Ontologically and Graphically Assisted Media Authoring with Multiple Media Types

Insook Choi

A prototype system for authoring interactive cross-media presentations is supported by an ontological inference engine and a scalable GUI. This prototype provides a context to explore the development of a scalable reference structure for fine calibration of multimedia information extraction (MMIE) and ontological query. Ontologies are structured as graphs of concept nodes with edges for subclass-superclass relationships and edges for asserted non-taxonomic relationships. Authoring is implemented as path-planning in ontological space; path members are concept nodes that generate queries and return media resources coupled to real-time displays. Ontological organization enables users to author and explore media resources by concept based navigation rather than by resource type; exploration and path-authoring is facilitated by a graphical interface representing concept graph space. We assert this approach entails two merits: 1. query induced fluid cross-media display replaces the representation of individual media types arranged in time-linear track-like formats derived from conventions of non-digital media; 2. concept formation takes a significant role in authoring processes and media resources explorations.

Submitted: Sep 8, 2008