Cognitive Constructor: A Biologically-Inspired Self-Regulated Learning Partner

Alexei V Samsonovich, Anastasia Kitsantas, Nada Dabbagh

Limitations of modern artificial intelligence are most evident in comparison with the human ability to self-regulate cognitive and learning processes. Is it possible to model the human self-regulation ability in artifacts? And vice versa, can a computer model of this sort help students to develop self-regulation skills? This work describes a blueprint of an innovative intelligent tutoring system called Cognitive Constructor, to be used as a self-regulated-learning assistant to students in mathematical problem solving paradigms. Cognitive Constructor will enable parallel acquisition of domain-specific mathematical skills and general self-regulated problem solving skills. At the core of Cognitive Constructor is our recently developed cognitive architecture GMU BICA that provides a suitable basis for modeling self-regulated problem solving.

Submitted: Sep 15, 2008