Episodic Memory for Human-like Agents and Human-like Agents for Episodic Memory

Cyril Brom, Jiri Lukavsky

Episodic memory has been approached from many levels of analysis and many of its facets have been modeled computationally. Recently, several models of episodic memory have emerged in the domain of intelligent virtual agents (IVAs). Compared to neuro-/psychological models, their plausibility is limited. On the other hand, they can store representations of large environments and other complex memories over long time intervals. This paper presents one such model and discusses the possibility of using IVAs as a test-bed to investigate neuro-/psychological models. The conclusion is that IVAs and their virtual environments can constitute an ecologically plausible framework allowing for study and integration of the neuro-/psychological models.

Submitted: Aug 31, 2008