Cultural Modeling in a Game Theoretic Framework

JPraveen Paruchuri, Preetam Maloor, Bob Pokorny, Aaron Mannes, Jennifer Golbeck

Training to Fight Insurgent Forces (TFIF) is a training environment in which Marine and Coalition commanders can practice military tactics against realistic asymmetric forces. TFIF integrates a game theoretic approach to specifying enemy tactics. In a traditional game theoretic approach, the red and blue force actions and payoffs are modeled in payoff matrices, and a Nash equilibrium (1950; 1964) solution is computed. The solution concept we obtain from our game theoretic approach is a robust Nash equilibrium (2006). The primary focus of this work is a battlefield environment in which Marines learn to fight asymmetric forces. In this environment, Marines are not practicing against forces like themselves, but against insurgent tactics that are commonly used by terrorist organizations. An insurgent’s group’s capabilities and desires are influenced by the group’s resources, competitors, environment, and culture.

Submitted: Sep 12, 2008