The Multi-Agent Simulation Suite

Marton Ivanyi, Rajmund Bocsi, Laszlo Gulyas, Vilmos Kozma and Richard Legendi

Agent-based modeling is a branch of computer simulation, especially suited for studying complex social systems. It models the individual, together with its imperfections (e.g., limited cognitive or computational abilities), its idiosyncrasies and personal interactions. The approach builds the model from the bottom-up, focusing mostly on micro rules and seeking to understand the emergence of macro behavior. Participatory simulation - a branch of agent-based simulation - is a methodology building on the synergy of human actors and artificial agents, excelling in the training and decision-making support areas. In participatory simulations some agents are controlled by users, while others are software governed. The Multi-Agent Simulation Suite is a software package intended to enable modelers to utilize the tools of agent-based simulation in various fields, without having to develop heavy programming skills.

Subjects: 7.1 Multi-Agent Systems; 15.8 Simulation

Submitted: Sep 21, 2007