What Does Consciousness Bring to CTS?

Daniel Dubois, Pierre Poirier, Roger Nkambou

Striving in the real world is more and more what artificial agents are required to do, and it is not a simple task. Interacting with humans in general, and with students in specific, requires dealing with a great number of information sources, and high volumes of data, in real-time, to adapt to the environment (and other agents). Consciousness mechanisms can help and sustain an apt artificial tutor, allowing it to consider various sources of information in diagnosing and guiding learners. We show in the present paper how they effectively support theses processes in the specific context of astronauts training on the manipulation of the Space Station Robotic Manipulation System, Canadarm2.

Subjects: 4. Cognitive Modeling; 1.3 Computer-Aided Education

Submitted: Sep 13, 2007