Replication of the Hard Problem of Consciousness in AI and Bio-AI: An Early Conceptual Framework

Nicholas Boltuc, Peter Boltuc

AI could in principle replicate consciousness (H-consciousness) in its first-person form (as described by Chalmers in the hard problem of consciousness.) If we can understand first-person consciousness in clear terms, we can provide an algorithm for it; if we have such algorithm, in principle we can build it. There are two questions that this argument opens. First, whether we ever will understand H-consciousness in clear terms. Second, whether we can build H-consciousness in inorganic substance. If organic substance is required, we would need to clearly grasp the difference between building a machine out of organic substance (Bio-AI) and just modifying a biological organism.

Subjects: 9.4 Philosophical Foundations; 19.1 Perception

Submitted: Sep 14, 2007