EgoChat Agent: A Talking Virtualized Member for Supporting Community Knowledge Creation

Hidekazu Kubota and Toyoaki Nishida

In this paper, we propose a method for supporting knowledge creation in a community by talking with virtualized-egos. We propose two ideas for the community knowledge creation. The first idea is talking with virtualized community member called "virtualized-ego"; a virtualized-ego is a software agent that mimics a community member. Virtualized-egos replay past speeches of community members and generate a conversation with voices. A community member can exchange knowledge by oral chat with virtualized-egos on behalf of other community members. The other idea is a story-telling; speeches of virtualized-egos are ordered as a story. A story is a series of speeches that reflect personalities of community members, and using story is casual method for exchanging knowledge because story-telling is human-style communication method. We have developed a system called EgoChat to investigate these ideas, and discussed effectivity of the proposed system for the community knowledge creation based on a experiment.

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