Towards New Lyrical Forms

Alain Bonardi and Francis Rousseaux

Our research is devoted to new computer-supported operas. The work results from crossing musical composition, philosophy and computer-aided music -what we propose is based on a project of a CD-ROM opera. We situate our aim with respect to the thought frame proposed by the philosopher Henri Bergson (1859-1941), while analysing emotions. In Bergson’s terms, we do not try to arouse the spectator’s feelings at crucial points of our work, we do not use wellknown techniques inherited from narrative methods. We consider that it is possible to free the spectator’s emotion in a multimedia environment without trying to simulate emotions that happen when attending a live opera. We have therefore stated general specifications concerning a specific spectator/composer relationship, a specific spectator/work relationship, a specific music/text relationship, specific kinematics, new graphical metaphors of musical entities. Our aim is to free the spectator’s creativity by new possibilities of interaction which underlie the contents and the non_linguistic articulation of this multimedia application.

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