GE’s Applications of Case-Based Reasoning

Jim Aragones and Piero Bonissone

At GE-CRD, we have applied case-based reasoning (CBR) planning techniques to manufacturing, financial and military applications. Here, we discuss our CBR tool and two military applications based on it -- naval torpedo defense and military force selection. In the torpedo defense domain, ships maneuver and use countermeasures to neutralize enemy torpedoes. We found the need to make time-critical decisions under uncertainty and incompleteness, as well as the need to synthesize new cases by combining parts of old. In force selection, a set of combat and support forces is selected based on a mission description. We addressed this problem by using a multistage reasoning process. First, we use mission requirements to determine required capabilities, then these capabilities recommend major forces. Finally, combat forces are augmented with their support units, completing the force selection task.

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