Personalisation of Telecommunications Services as Combinatorial Optimisation

David Lesaint, Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan, Luis Quesada, Nic Wilson

Modern feature-rich telecommunications services offer significant opportunities to human users. To make these services more usable, facilitating personalisation is very important. Such personalisation enhances the users' experience considerably. The Session Initiation Protocol and Distributed Feature Composition architecture allow users to select and compose telecommunications network applications or features. In this paper we view feature composition as a configuration problem. We model feature composition using a variety of combinatorial optimisation paradigms. In particular, we present and evaluate an approach to finding optimal reconfigurations of network features when a user's preferences violate the technical constraints defined by a set of DFC rules.

Subjects: 1. Applications; 15.2 Constraint Satisfaction

Submitted: Mar 25, 2008

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