Automated Intelligent Pilots for Combat Flight Simulation

Randolph M. Jones, John E. Laird and Paul E. Nielsen, University of Michigan

TacAir-Soar is an intelligent, rule-based system that generates believable "human-like" behavior for military simulations. The innovation of the application is primarily a matter of scale and integration. The system is capable of executing most of the airborne missions that the United States military flies in fixed-wing aircraft. It accomplishes this by integrating a wide variety of intelligent capabilities, including reasoning about interacting goals, reacting to rapid changes in real time (or faster), communicating and coordinating with other agents (including humans), maintaining situational awareness, and accepting new orders while in ight. The system is currently deployed at the Oceana Naval Air Station WISSARD, and its most dramatic use to date was in the Synthetic Theater Of War 1997, an operational training exercise consisting of 48 straight hours and approximately 700 fixed-wing aircraft flights, all own by instances of the TacAir-Soar system.

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