Automated Consultation for the Diagnosis of Interplanetary Telecommunications

A. G. Quan, U. M. Schwuttke, J. S. Herstein, J. S. Spagnuolo, and S. Burleigh, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

SHARP is a knowledge-based system for the diagnosis of problems in NASA’s Deep Space Network (DSN) telecommunications system. The telecommunications system provides the means of communication between a spacecraft and operations personnel at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. SHARP analyzes problems that occur in both the on-board spacecraft telecom subsystem and in the DSN. It employs a rule-based expert system to detect and diagnose anomalies and to recommend corrective action. This diagnostic logic is represented in the form of a binary decision tree which is encoded in Prolog. The knowledge base is designed to be easy to maintain and expand, with a one-to-one correspondence between decision tree nodes and rules. The knowledge base is embedded within a C program which contains a telemetry interface and a graphical user- interface. Data is obtained both from on-line sources. such as telemeby and Sequence of Events files, and from the user when the required data is not available from any on-line source. The majority of rules are generic in nature, allowing SHARP to be applied to multi- ple missions.

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