Expert Operator: Deploying YES/MVS II

R. A. Chekaluk, E. M. Hufziger, A. J. Finkel, K. R. Milliken, and N. B. Waite

This paper reports on progress in automating the operation and control of large MVS-based computing installations. Automating operations is a problem appropriate for the application of embedded, real-time, expert systems techniques. The long-term goal is to ease the effort required to automate at many computing installations with different configurations, workloads, and operation policies. YES/MVS I showed that expert systems techniques were advantageous for automating operations. YES/MVS 11, reported here, is a collection of components, including an architecture, to assist with automation at many sites. Expert Operator, also reported here, is a system based on YES/MVS 11 and currently in production use at a General Motors computing center. Expert Operator, then, is a first deployment of the components in YES/MVS 11 and first real test of their value. Based on this first experiment, YES/IMVS 11 appears to be successful. Major productivity improvements were achieved in developing Expert Operator as compared with YES/MVS 1. Expert Operator is well-organized, easily understood, robust to changes, easily organized expanded, and solves challenging real problems. YES/MVS 11 and Expert Operator, represent significant progress in automated operations. The ideas reported here should have value in the real-time control of other complex systems.

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