The Tactical Language and Culture Training System: A Demonstration

Andre Valente, W. Lewis Johnson, Hannes Vilhalmsson

In this demonstration we will present the Tactical Iraqi, one of the implementations of the Tactical Language and Culture Training System (TLTS). The system helps learners acquire basic communicative skills in foreign languages and cultures. Learners practice their communication skills in a simulated village, where they must develop rapport with the local people, who in turn will help them accomplish missions such as post-war reconstruction. Each learner is ac-companied by a virtual aide who can provide assistance and guidance if needed. The aide can also act as a virtual tutor as part of an intelligent tutoring system, giving the learners feedback on their performance. Learners communicate via a multimodal interface, which permits them to speak and choose gestures on behalf of their character in the game. The system employs video game technologies and design techniques, in order to motivate and engage learners.

Subjects: 1.3 Computer-Aided Education; 6. Computer-Human Interaction

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