Clementine: Colorado School of Mines

Robin R. Murphy

The Colorado School of Mines (CSM) is fielding a team comprised of undergraduates in Computer Science or Engineering who are enrolled in the Robotics and AI Minor. The intent is to provide a forum for the students to a) transfer what they have learned in the classroom to a more realistic setting, b) meet with top researchers in the field, c) have an undergraduate research experience, and d) have fun. The students work with the team advisor and graduate students at CSM to integrate and modify code developed for NSF, ARPA, and NASA funded research projects. This will be the fourth year CSM has participated in the competition. The team’s platform is Oementine, a Denning-Branch MRV-4 research robot. She has a ring of 24 ultrasonics, a laser navigation system, and supports two cameras. All processing is done onboard by a 75MHz Pentium processor. A SoundBlaster board and speakers provides feedback on the robot’s activities. Clementine is used for research in indoor task domains such as the surveillance and maintenance of stockpiles of hazardous materials, site assessment of dangerous environments such as a burning building or a collapsed mine, or security. A custom robot, C2, is used for outdoor environments.

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