Building Large-Scale and Corporate-Wide Case-Based Systems: Integration of the Organizational and Machine Executable Algorithms

Hiroaki Kitano, Akihiro Shibata, Hideo Shimazu, Juichirou Kajihara, Atsumi Sato

This paper reports a case study on a large-scale and corporate-wide case-based system. Unlike most papers for the AAAI conference, which exclusively focus on algorithms and models executed on computer systems, this paper heavily involves organizational activities and structures as a part of algorithms in the system. It is our claim that successful corporate-wide deployment of the case-base system must involve organizational efforts as a part of an algorithmic loop in the system in a broad sense. We have established a corporate-wide case acquisition algorithm, which is performed by persons, and developed the SQUAD Software Quality Control Advisor system, which facilitates sharing and spreading of experiences corporate-wide. The major findings were that the key for the success is not necessary in complex and sophisticated AI theories, in fact, we use very simple algorithms, but the integration of mechanisms and algorithms executed by machines and persons involved.

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