Common Sense Retrieval

A. Julian Craddock

An important and readily available source of knowledge for common sense reasoning is partial descriptions of specific experiences. Knowledge bases (KBs) containing such information are called episodic knowledge buses (EKB). Aggregations of episodic knowledge provide common sense knowledge about the unobserved properties of 'new' experiences. Such knowledge is retrieved by applying statistics to a relevant subset of the EKB called the reference class. I study a manner in which a corpus of experiences can be represented to allow common sense retrieval which is: 1. Flexible enough to allow the common sense reasoner to deal with 'new' experiences, and 2. In the simplest case, reduces to efficient database look-up. I define two first order dialects, L and QL. L is used to represent experiences in an episodic knowledge base. An extension, QL is used for writing queries to EKBs l.

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