Toward an Intelligent Agent Framework for Enterprise Integration

Jeff Y-C Pan, Jay M. Tenenbaum

We propose a software framework for integrating people and computer systems in large, geographically dispersed manufacturing enterprises. Underlying the framework is an enterprise model that is built by dividing complex business processes into elementary tasks or activities. Each such task is then modeled in cognitive terms (e.g., what to look for, what to do, who to tell), and entrusted to an Intelligent Agent (IA) for execution. The IAs interact with each other directly via a message bus, or through a shared, distributed knowledge base. They can also interact with humans through personal assistants (PAS), a special type of IA that knows how to communicate with people through multi-media interfaces. Preliminary experimental results suggest that this model-based, man-machine approach provides a viable path for applying DAI to realworld enterprises.

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