An Intelligent Aid for Circuit Redesign

Tom M. Mitchell, Louis I. Steinberg, Smadar Kedar-Cabelli, Van E. Kelly, Jeffrey Shulman, Timothy Weinrich

Digital circuit redesign is a task that requires knowledge of circuit structure, function, and purpose, and of the interrelationships among these We describe a knowledge-based system, REDESIGN, which assists In the redesign of digital circuits to meet altered functional specifications. REDESIGN assists the user in focusing on an appropriate portion of the circuit, generating possible local changes within the circuit, ranking these possible changes, and detecting undesirable side-effects of redesigns. lt provides this assistance by combining two modes of reasoning about circuits: (1) causal reasoning involving analysis of circuit operation, and (2) reasoning about the purposes, or roles, of various circuit modules within the larger circuit. We describe these two modes of reasoning, and the way in which they are combined by REDESIGN to provide aid in circuit redesign.

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