Model-Based Interpretation of Range Imagery

Darwin T. Kuan, Robert J. Drazovich

This paper describes a model-based approach to interpreting laser range imagery. It discusses the object modeling, model-driven prediction, and feature-to-model matching aspects of the problem. The model objects are represented by a viewpoint- independent volumetric model based on generalized cylinders. Predictions of 3-D image features and their relations are generated from object models on multiple levels. These predictions give guidance for goal-directed shape extraction from low level image features. Interpretation proceeds by compar- ing the extracted image features with object models in a coarse to fine hierarchy. Since the 3-D information is available from the range image, the actual measurements are used for feature-to-model ma tch ing . A limited prototype system has been developed, preliminary results on prediction and interpretation are shown, and future research directions are discussed.

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