About the Conference

The Research Track

Research Track papers describe AI research results that make advances towards solving known game AI problems or enabling a new form of interactive digital entertainment. The novel technique should be validated in a game prototype or test-bed, but need not be validated in a commercial game. Research trac papers are evaluated by the highest standards of academic rigor. More…

The Industry Track

Individuals that have game development experience but lack the time or need for publishing rigorous academic papers can alternatively apply to the Industry Track. This track will include presentations of AI techniques, issues, or case studies from the perspective of implementing a product in the current commercial environment. More…


Conference Chair
Chris Darken
(Naval Postgraduate School)

Program Chair
G. Michael Youngblood
(University of North Carolina, Charlotte)

Organizing Committee

Vadim Bulitko (University of Alberta)
Kevin Dill (Boston University)
Richard Evans (Maxis)
Brian Schwab (Sony Entertainment America)
Robert Zubek (Zynga)

Conference Documents